The Studio at Cloud Peak Chiropractic & Wellness

We are so excited to offer yoga classes right here in Worland!  Come take a deep breath in our beautiful studio space. The Studio is located in the rear of our new building at 618 Coburn Avenue - use the rear entrance on the parking lot side.  Our instructors are Valarie Anderson and Danni Chambers.

$10/ class to drop in, or you can purchase a punch card to use at any of our classes. Punch cards can be purchased at the front desk at Cloud Peak Chiropractic- $50 for 6 classes or $90 for 11 classes. Senior discount available.

What is yoga?
Yoga is often looked at as a more holistic form of exercise, but this ancient practice offers so much more than a simple way to work up a sweat. Yoga is a comprehensive approach to physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being that was developed in India about 5,000 years ago. During your class, you’ll learn a series of asanas, or physical postures, along with techniques for breathing and finding your connection with your body, your mind, and nature.

How can yoga help me?
Regular yoga practice can help with everything from stress relief to overall physical fitness. Some people report greater levels of mental clarity, spiritual growth, increased flexibility, pain relief, more energy, and feeling more connected to the people and world around them. Yoga may help you with back and neck pain, balance, strength, posture, bone health, blood flow, cardio health, immunity, digestive concerns, insomnia, anxiety, sinus trouble, and postoperative pain, too. Like so many things, yoga is a practice in which the output, or benefits, very much mirror the input, or effort.

Here is the current schedule!  Any changes (last minute cancellations due to weather, illness etc.) will be updated on the Google calendar below, as well as posted on our Facebook page, and a note posted on the door of the Studio.

Yoga Classes

Stretch and Refresh (all abilities welcome) Presented at a slow pace, this class is centered on moving the whole body fluidly through gentle yet active stretching to encourage gains in agility, coordination, strength, and balance. Beginning with light floor activity to warm the body’s major muscles and joints, students then rise to perform several patterned movement sequences, before returning to the floor for a peaceful cool down.


  • Transitions (ie: lying down to seated to standing) are paced and modified at the discretion of the student, but all positions are likely to be included in the class.

  • Props will be presented to support seated, kneeling and other challenging positions.

  • Suitable for almost any level of practitioner and almost any fitness level, so long as lying down, sitting/kneeling on the floor, and standing up from lying down/seated/kneeling do not present any major issues.

  • Physical benefits include increased range of motion, flexibility, and general mobility for a healthier lifestyle.

Stretch and Strengthen (beginners welcome) A moderately paced class featuring an active floor warm up, followed by several patterned standing sequences that include balance and gradually increased pace, and ending with a quiet floor cool down. Most of the class will be teacher led with visual guidance and demonstration, while sections may be self-paced, including free and preferred movement.


  • While specific alignment of each pose is presented, the individual’s body is respected, and students are always encouraged to move in their own safe and comfortable way.

  • Expect back bending, forward folding, twists, side bending, and body weighted strengthening movement.

  • Props will be presented to support seated, kneeling and other challenging positions.

  • Suitable for those with previous yoga experience and/or those with an established basic mobility and fitness level.

  • Physical benefits include increased range of motion, flexibility, and general mobility for a healthier lifestyle.

Slow Stretch (all abilities welcome) A slow moving class for spinal health and rehabilitation. Poses are done on the floor or in a chair depending on individual needs. This is the perfect class for a beginner or someone with health limitations who's wondering if yoga could help them.

Rise & Shine Yoga (beginners welcome) This practice will warm the body and fuel the soul for your day! Wake up with some gentle stretches and get in touch with your breath. Hatha style with sun salutations, ending with guided meditation. A great way to start your day - come as you are! All levels welcome.

Yogalates (beginners welcome) A combination of yoga and pilates. Wake up your body and mind, with focused breath and movement, build strength and balance working on the core, and looking at your health from the inside out. Guided meditation techniques will be at the conclusion of the class. Learn to breathe from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, learning to do the best you can with what you’ve got (acceptance and gratitude). All levels welcome.

Yoga Instructors 


Valarie Anderson
I moved to Ten Sleep, Wyoming to slow down my pace of life and enjoy the amazing, world class rock climbing. Yoga helps to keep my body and mind in balance from all the physical ways I love to enjoy the outdoors. I like teaching to those beginning their yoga journey, or continuing their practice even after years of being off the mat. There is room for everyone, no matter abilities or strengths, in my classes. 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance.


Danni Chambers
My name is Danni Chambers. I was born and raised in Worland. Always seeking a warm place, I landed in Maui, Hawaii where I spent the last 30 years teaching a variety of group fitness classes up and down the beaches of Kaanapali for the hotel industry. I was employed by the Westin Maui Spa and Resort for 15 years as a health club attendant, personal trainer, and a group fitness instructor. I provided and trained instructors, coordinating all classes for the Hyatt Regency and Spa Moana in Maui for 13 years. While there I had the honor of training with world renowned Yogi Gary Kraftstow in body alignment and Yoga Away for corporate Hyatt. Life has taken me full circle and I am back as a senior, ready to share and educate my class participants on moving safely (not just in class but the other 23 hours in the day), focusing on mind and body awareness and building strength and balance. I look forward to being back in Worland and connecting with the community here in a positive healthy environment.


Darcy Axtell
I grew up on a cattle ranch in Thermopolis, Wyoming. The wide open Wyoming expanse created a love for the freedom of movement in my spirit. My passion for using movement as a tool for self-expression, calming the mind, and healing the body came from this beginning.

After experiencing some serious injuries from several horse wrecks, I began my journey into alternative healing modalities including acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, and yoga. I am thankful every day for the gift of movement in all its forms and hope to reach this out to other people.

I delight in planting a gentle seed of the joy of movement into the heart of the beginner yogi and specialize in yoga for spinal health and yoga for injuries.

I’ve received well over 500 hours of training and certifications in personal fitness training, yoga instruction, massage therapy, Thai massage therapy, yoga therapy, CPR/First Aid, dance and Zumba.