Infants & Children

At Cloud Peak Chiropractic, you will be welcomed into a comfortable and casual family-friendly environment. Children are always welcome in the office. Our friendly staff is available to help by holding babies or shadowing toddlers as they roam. Our treatment rooms are stocked with toys and books. 

Dr. Sarah Radabaugh is one of the few chiropractors in Wyoming who specializes in infants and children.  She greatly enjoys helping parents and children through all stages of development.  It’s important to have your newborn’s spine checked as soon as possible after birth, because birth is a stressful process!  Chiropractic adjustments for babies are extremely gentle and safe.  Chiropractic and craniosacral therapy can help to prevent and treat the common problems of colic, reflux, ear infections, torticollis (tilted head and trouble turning head), and plagiocephaly (misshapen head).  Getting adjusted early can help to prevent future problems. 

 Dr. Sarah is great with infants and children of all ages

Dr. Sarah is great with infants and children of all ages

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Baby Carriers

Babywearing is great for babies and moms.  It promotes bonding and is good for baby’s physical, mental, and emotional development.  There are many different brands of carriers out there and most of them are just fine.  What you DON’T want is the “Baby Bjorn” or anything similar that only supports baby by the crotch.  These are bad for baby’s spinal and hip development.  Plus the Baby Bjorn isn’t comfortable for parents’ backs either. 

Favorites for new babies include the Moby Wrap, and for older babies (about 4 months and up) is the Ergo, Tula, or the Beco.  These carriers all support baby across the whole butt and thighs, in a natural seated position.  They are all super comfortable for parents’ backs too.

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